Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's up with P&P?

What's up with the interface between Microsoft's Patterns and Practices group (P&P) and the wider community?

P&P are writing a new version of their guidance for architecture on the Microsoft platform, and they're asking for community feedback. But by and large the community isn't giving any! And, when feedback is offered, P&P aren't necessarily replying.

For instance:

After the P&P Knowledge base project had been up for about 2 months, I counted exactly three meaningul comments on the substance of what MS had written. Of those three comments, two were from me(!), and to this day those two remain unanswered!

Confusingly, there are now three different CodePlex projects in which P&P are seeking community input. There's the App Arch Guide knowledge base, the App Arch Guide Book, and the App Arch Community Contribution project (which, as if to prove my point, is completely empty)!

So, community, what's up! Has no-one got anything to say about architecture!!!!

And Microsoft, what's up with you? What are you doing to make this work?

Update 1 Feb 08: Microsoft recently contacted me to follow up on my questions. Thanks :-) As much as I appreciate that contact (and I do) the overall lack of engagement seems to remain. I still don't see much meaningful involvement from/with the community. The Community Contribution project is still empty, except for a brief statement of it's purpose, which has only been read 38 times.