Friday, June 29, 2007

No More Development on My Side Project

UPDATE April 2008: this is an old post. I have since released one small part of the product as an Open Source project. I have kept the ActiveSharp name, even though the empahsis has moved away from business rules and onto property change interception. The new implementation is, to a large extent, a ground up re-design of the old one. Both did property change notification, but the new one does it in a much better way. The rest of this post remains below, as orginally written.

Six months ago I posted an alpha release of a library for .NET development, called ActiveSharp. It's unique feature was a dataflow-style rules engine. (You specify the rules, system calls them at the right time.) It also included an ORM designed specifically for ease-of-use.

This post is to announce that I will not be developing ActiveSharp any further. I still have lots of ideas about it's future potential, including some useful unique features, but I simply don't have the time to develop them.

It has been an interesting journey - both in terms of the technology and in terms of trying to produce a significant product while also working full-time and raising a family. In the end, something had to give. The ActiveSharp website will be taken down shortly (so this is your last chance to have a look at it :-)