Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Presenting at Christchurch Code Camp 2008

I'm presenting at the Christchurch Code Camp on 1 November.

I'm presenting on LINQ-to-SQL and also on my open source project, ActiveSharp. If you were coming to a presentation on either of those topics, what would you like to hear? (This is your chance to shape the presentations, because I haven't finished writing them yet ;-)

At the moment, the abstracts for the two presentations look like this:

Title: Extending LINQ to SQL

Abstract: How to build on LINQ to SQL to add extra capabilities and work around the product’s limitations. The presentation will share techniques we’ve used at Optimation to "push the envelope" when using LINQ to SQL. I’ll outline the base techniques, how we’ve applied them, and the minor limitations that remain unresolved. For those new to LINQ to SQL, the presentation will begin with a whirlwind introduction to the product. It will conclude with some thoughts on how LINQ fits into the "big picture" of .NET ORM tools.


Title: Low-Level .NET – a look at ActiveSharp

Abstract: How to get started on working with MSIL, the low-level "assembly" language for .NET. The presentation is based on my experiences writing ActiveSharp, a library which parses MSIL at runtime and also emits its own runtime-generated methods. I’ll introduce the key concepts, cover some techniques to help you "cheat" while you learn, and include examples from the ActiveSharp codebase.

What do you think? Am I focusing on the right points? Are there other aspects of these subjects which you'd prefer me to cover instead? All suggestions welcome...


Blogger kirk said...

Hi John,

I'm coming down to Christchurch -- looking forward to hearing your talk.

Just wondering - why not just have a hand-crafted DLL alongside the C# assembly, with MSIL that you write by hand? Would that be easier than the codegen?


Tue Oct 21, 01:54:00 AM PDT  
Blogger John Rusk said...

Good question. I'll add it to my list of things to cover in my presentation :-)

Tue Oct 21, 12:37:00 PM PDT  

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